The Shadow of Myself.

Brendan Bardakos
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

(view from a cybersecurity mind)

It still amazes me the content people will post on social media. I can’t help to think, is this a person’s real life? Is this their real Identity? Do they dress like that or have that much money to live such a life? But the question I ask myself is why post so much information of one’s life, birthdays, cars, houses, updating locations on social activities, partners, kids, careers, etc., and I once was guilty of doing these things myself.
This is just not me anymore. I don’t want people to know my every move, birth date, partner’s name, kid’s names, and where I live, not in this day and age. This is just information the public and strangers don’t need to know and puts me at risk of Identity Theft, so I’ve gone out of my way to becoming a shadow online; people are aware of my presence but can’t quite see me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just live in the shadows and watch others that's just creepy! I like my friends to know what I’m up to, only my friends and even then they don’t need to know everything. I want to keep to myself and worry about the people who will worry about me, so I find myself reserved online and keep my cards close to my chest which is nothing like what I am in person. So the question is, what is my Identity?

Well, I only have two Identities, my online Identity which is withdrawn, and my real Identity which is far from my online one; I am an extrovert and an outspoken person. My social accounts are for minimal contact with the outside world and to keep up with my friends and family; gaming, on the other hand, is probably the only environment online when all that goes out the window and my personality comes out (HEAL ME!!). I’m a protector by nature and not afraid of conflict. Maybe that’s just in my blood (Mediterranean Blood).

I figure people's Identities will change with the times and what is socially acceptable but for now, I'm happy in knowing what I am and what I project in the real world and online.

I’m a lover, and a defender, a Spartan in modern-day armor; these are my labels and my Identity.

This course will most likely change my view on Identity for myself and others, but for now, I shall remain a shadow online.